57 / Bird boxes

Bird box caches are becoming more popular and are no longer original hiding spots. There are still certain guidelines to keep in mind when creating a cache like this.

We have to realise that birds have no idea about geocaching and we geocachers should remember the primary use of bird boxes, which is to offer a safe haven for birds.


  • Always block up the entrance into the bird box! A "working" bird box with a cache inside becomes a deadly trap for the bird.
  • Do not try to create a multifunctional house with a separate area for the cache and another for the birds. Not only do the birds need a shelter but they also need peace and quiet. They should not be disturbed by visitors looking for a cache.
  • In cases where the opening mechanism isn't initially clear, it is recommended to mark the bird box with a small geocaching logo or the letters GC. A large sticker visible from a 10 metre distance will however spoil all the fun of looking for the cache.
  • When attaching the bird box, it must be done using a method acceptable to the land owner and must also be environmentally friendly.
  • Never place your bird box cache close to a real bird box.
  • If hiding a cache near to a real bird box, mention in the listing and hints that the cache is NOT hidden in the bird box.